The elite community has the taste of “enjoying home” encapsulates sophistication, elegance and luxury, accompanied by modern amenities to optimize the quality of life.

Whether in modern, classical or French innovation style, the residential architecture chosen by the elites meets all the following factors: convenience, comfort and highlights the sophisticated aesthetic of the homeowner.

Modern architectural style

Modern architectural style (Neo Modernism) is a concept for constructions with similarities in the use of new materials such as glass, steel, concrete…, and simplifying the fanciful decoration details of the classical style at the same time.

Modern design style brings a sense of precision, creativity, dynamism and high applicability.

Hud Hiep Binh Phuoc, the project was designed and constructed by Nelo Decoration and Architecture Joint Stock Company (Nelo Decor) to fully demonstrate this style. Just as the spirit of modern style is sharp, organized and streamlined, all details of interior space are calculated and considered in an intelligent and harmonious way. The construction has a facade architecture that is a deliberate arrangement of geometric blocks, combined with large open glass panels, creating a sense of breakthrough, powerful energy.

Neoclassical style

Neoclassical is one of NeloDecor’s design styles which is loved by elites. Not as fussy as classical design, or as simple as modern style, neoclassical is a clever combination between the two concepts to create a new and different style.

The neoclassical villas attract the elites by the delicate combination of two design styles that are very far apart in time. This style has a soft, regal architectural outline but restrains the fussiness in some details, especially the moldings. Neoclassical styles often use indigenous materials to highlight the characteristics of the area and are often constructed in a horizontal, low, solid blocks.

The design colors and interior of the house often bring the noble touch of modern European architectural style.

Patterns and suitable furniture are details that NeloDecor pays special attention to and invests in this style. This is also the recognizable highlight of neoclassical architecture. Luxury and precious materials are preferred in the selection of designs, e.g. granite, marble, wood, gold-plated metal, etc. It all makes for a luxurious and elegant design.

Fervid, nostalgic with innovative French style

NeloDecor has emulated and developed this architectural style in its own way. The design exudes the peace, rusticity and relaxation of western France. The soft beauty comes from moderate roof slopes, proportionate to the horizontal blocks, low to create a gentle feeling, reminiscent of the peaceful French countryside.

Modern French style houses often stand out gracefully, gently in neutral tones and in harmony with the surrounding nature.

The wall of the house is often designed with many windows of moderate size, both to maximize the area of light for the house and to be a characteristic decorative background. Another special feature of the design is the window on the roof, which is the place that provides light for the floor or the attic.

The modern French style house is often surrounded by a green garden with fresh flowers, creating an ideal space for afternoon tea, BBQ, as typical Western.

Alpine style

Alpine is a typical style from the mountains of Austria with a angular architecture that reflects the shape of the mountains here. The main material used for this style is natural stone, creating a strong personality, combined with mixed wood, which brings a balanced emotion between nature and forests. The Alpine chalets have features that are hard to be confused with other architectural styles, and the house becomes unique and differentiated between large spaces.

Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort is a villa compound that consulted and designed by NeloDecor. Inspired by the Alpine wooden house of the southwest lake town of Hallstatt Village in Austria, this unit has been selected and refined to suit the climate and terrain of northern Vietnam.

Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort was sketched by young architects team of NeloDecor in a solid and luxurious motif with many dark brown wood paneled walls, large stone cladding halls, and warm color scheme. The villas overlooking the lake view are calculated intelligently and coherently to create a miniature Europe in the heart of the East.

( Source ZingNews)

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