The mansion is one of the lavish, most luxurious and magnificent housing models, the residence of the elite. Many people often mistakenly think of the mansion as a villa. To better understand what a mansion is, let’s find out the article below with NeloDecor.

What is a mansion? 

The mansion appeared in Europe around the 15th century and in the most general sense, it looks like a villa but possesses a very large land area and is designed to be built very majestically. The mansion is considered the living space for high-ranking people such as nobles, mandarins, lords or church leaders. Due to its vast and distinctive nature, the mansion will often have the appearance of guards and bodyguards to ensure the safety of the elite.

In terms of architecture, the ancient mansion was largely influenced by Gothic architecture and classical architecture with its pointed arches, column systems, chimneys, statues and refined artistic decorations. In addition, the garden space and greenery are also very sophisticated designed to create a superficial appearance for the mansion.

The mansion often has living spaces such as:

  • Outdoor or indoor banquet room space.
  • Family room.
  • Separate room for work. 
  • Warehouse and cellar. 
  • Reading room, office and library. 
  • Small theater for the family. 
  • Rooms for housekeepers, maids,… 

Mansion in modern life 

Through the historical period, all types of housing have changed markedly, and the mansion is no exception. It also has certain changes in the way of design as well as function: smaller construction area, fewer service people, etc., But still keep the original values:

  • Affirming the status of the owner in society 
  • The regal living space carries spiritual values, affirming the lifestyle of the owner
  • Specific functions dedicated to the mansion such as luxurious and spacious living room, indoor and outdoor banquet room, wine cellar, working room, garden system…

Some famous mansions in the world

The Manor – Los Angeles

A masterpiece of France

Mar De Amor – California

What is the difference between a mansion and a villa?

The mansion and villa are quite similar in construction architecture. However, the mansion possesses a larger area and a more grandiose design than the villa.

Some photos of mansions and villas at THANH LANH VALLEY GOLF & RESORT, project designed by NeloDecor

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