Referring to the high-end real estate segment, Nelo Decor is a name that is fully trusted by the investor because of its expertise and dedication in every design and construction line.

Vietnam is entering the stage of golden development with the size of the economy and people’s living standards being improved. Vietnamese people are increasingly interested in living space, which is easy to see when the number of high-segment housing projects, urban complexes or super villas and mansions appear more and more.

Among many companies in design and construction field, the unit with the ability to meet the requirements of aesthetics and novelty, breakthrough in interior architecture is of great interest to high-segment customers. . However, the luxury real estate segment possesses many specific requirements that not all units can meet.

Among the international names that are dominating in the high-end housing sector, Nelo Decor Joint Stock Company stands out as one of the few Vietnamese brands that can handle both three areas of architecture, interior and construction projects with a budget of up to millions of USD.

Nelo’s unique ideas and ability to meet difficult requirements in designing and building high-quality products are the premise for the birth of Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort, Rach Dua Resort, Damb’ri villa and many impressive architectural works spread across the S-shaped strip of land.

Penthouse The Golden River Ba Son’s interior designed by Nelo Decor

With more than 13 years of experience and hundreds of highly qualified architects and engineers, Nelo Decor meets the needs of real estate projects which require deep expertise and creativity. In each project that the brand accompanies, customers can clearly see a harmonious blend of art, convenience, high application and personalization in accordance with the preferences and requirements of the owner.

The products launched by Nelo over the years have contributed to redefining the concept and elevating the luxury housing segment. For now, the house is not only a beautiful, comfortable place that meets all the needs of the owner, but also exposes the delicate aesthetic of the owner.

Over the years, Nelo Decor has been a prestigious partner of many big investors such as Novaland, VinGroup, Ciputra Hanoi… Nelo Decor also accompanies famous domestic projects such as Hoa Lam Sales Gallery, Phuong Dong Van Don Urban Area Restaurant – Hotel, Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort, Novaworld Phan Thiet and many other large resort projects.

In order to gain the trust of a large number of customers across the country, 13 years is a long journey that Nelo Decor team constantly strives to innovate and promote strengths in the field of architecture, design of the luxury real estate segment. Expertise and extensive market experience from a team of architects with many years in the profession help the brand come up with the right strategies, grasp the tastes of each target investor.

In addition, another advantage that helps the brand maintain customer satisfaction comes from the principle of dedication, sticking to the wishes of the owner in consulting, as well as the thoroughness and meticulousness in each stage from the design to construction.

Nelo Decor is one of the few units that can simultaneously undertake architecture, interior and project construction. Photo: Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort.

The trust of customer, and the strategy of regularly launching quality products have contributed to the brand’s reputation. In the midst of the architecture and construction market dominated by most foreign names, the appearance of a Vietnamese brand possessing the same qualifications and capabilities as international investors shows that the construction and architecture industry in Vietnam is not inferior to the foreign countries and day by day reaching the international level.

“In the future, Nelo Decor will promote its existing strengths and explore new fields, such as focusing on architectural design of high-rise projects, commercial centers and typical apartment buildings. We will continue exerting our strength with the goal of making Nelo Decor and Nelo Architecture become the two guarantee names for high-end projects. Just mentioning the brand name, investors can assure our perfect product quality from architecture to interior”, Mr. Le Duy Van – representative of Nelo Decor and Nelo Achitecture.

Nelo Decor was established and operated in 2009 with the Board of Directors of the company are the senior project managers, and the staff of architects, designers and professional consultants. Nelo Decor has always been a leading brand in design pioneer, applying advanced technology, materials and solutions to bring the highest efficiency to customers.

With the criterion of providing a full range of services for the overall project, from architectural design, construction, interior decoration to exterior landscape; Nelo’s goal is creating a modern, harmonious living space in accordance with the lifestyle and preferences of customers.

Source ZingNews

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