Resort villa is a type of villa which is built in an area near the sea, river or mountains surrounded by trees, fresh air and used for family vacations purpose or renting when available.

Tropical Novaworld Ho Tram Resort Villa

Previous years, owning penthouses – villas in the air with the landscape surrounded by open clouds and the city full of lights was a pleasure to show the class of the elite with their standards. At the present time with the development of new real estate projects, the shift to an ecological region close to nature and a quiet relaxing life, resort villas attract a lot of interest from the investors.

Resort villa is a type of real estate created for the purpose of serving business and accommodation activities. This type of housing is usually built mainly at sea or mountain tourist areas, places with beautiful views, perfect weather and natural conditions.

Novaworld Phan Thiet Resort Resort Villa

Recent years in Vietnam, owning or choosing to stay at villas in resort complexes is increasingly becoming a popular trend, typically the villa system from Novaworld Ho Tram, Novaworld Phan Thiet, Aqua City, Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort,… Relaxing in a private villa with impressive and luxurious design opens up completely new experiences.

Master bathroom- Thanh Lanh Velley & Resort Villa

Luxurious, classy and sophisticated villas are often designed by leading experts. The facilities of the resort villas are very diverse to bring comfort and convenience while providing the best experience for users.

Entertainment Room – Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort mansion

Nowadays resort villa are designed and built with multiple uses. Accordingly, each construction is created not only to ensure the general aesthetics but also to bring the most comfort and convenience to the owner during relaxing and living.

Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort mansion

In fact, in order for this villa model to really make an impression, the architects must not only master the basic principles of architectural art, but also have their own creativity, breaking away from the tradition of restrained concepts of architecture. Thereby, creating an airy space where you can completely relax, enjoy the moments of true relaxation.

Tropicana Novaworld Ho Tram Resort Villa

This type of villa was born not only to serve the needs of rest. It is also in the business strategy of accommodation investors, so it is often invested a huge capital to build.

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