In this birthday month, Cultural Movement Team organized some interesting activities with promising prizes. Each activities comes along with a beautiful meaning.

Activity 1: ‘Discipline Month’ Race  

This is the movement of discipline and shaping company’s culture

Activity 2: ‘Design company’s hat’ contest

With Nelo Decor, creativity and art are always be highly appreciated. This contest occured with the purpose encouraging our staffs to fully show out their creativity and affirm their characters through the designs.


Activity 3: Take photo / video with ‘Nelo Library’ contest

The important of reading and leanrning new things is undeniable. Growing our souls and developing our knowlegde always be Nelo Decor’s top priority. Lets create out beautiful momnets at Nelo Decor Library together.

Activity 4: Design Backdrop/ Standee/ Banner for company’s birthday

Cultivate and show your talent with your design to have your work become ‘The Face’ for Nelo Decor’s Birthday celebration

Activity 5: Shaking up the balls

The games will be competes on the foosball table, this activity will be held between the apartments, promise the thorny and interesting competitions.

Activity 6: Design company’s birthday cake

The first place work will be choose to make into a real cake on company’s birthday.

Activity 7: Decorate your working space

By freely creating and decorating your own working space, you would feel more comfortable to work more productive and efficient. What could be better when you could see your company as your second home.

Activity 8: Share your thoughts about the company

The most important key to connect us together is communication and sharing. At Nelo Decor, you can freely share your opinions and speak up your thoughts about the company through various ways

Activity 9: Like share our projects on Facebook / Instagram

Sharing and spreading our images also our achievements and products on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram

After 13 years of operating and developing, this is a meaningful journey not only for the company but also to our staffs, clients and partners. With accomplished projects, strategy contracts with the big investors and new achievements constantly established, this with be the motivation for Nelo Decor to keep growing stronger and continue to have our steady moves to affirm our name, our prestige in both national and internation industry.


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