Putting aside busy workload, on April 2, the NeloDecor family had a great day in the teambuilding program at Binh Quoi Tourist Village.

The NeloDecor family had a great day out

At 7:00 am on April 2, 2 45-seat buses departed from NeloDecor office. It’s been a long time since Covid pandemic, NeloDecor family has had the opportunity to reunite together “pack your bags and go”.

With a green natural setting in the heart of the city – Binh Quoi Tourist Village located on Thanh Da Peninsula is the chosen place for this teambuilding activity with the desire to be able to bond more together and to welcome a new year 2022 with more energy and enthusiasm.

Begin with a fun Warmup

Sing together “Nelo Aspiration”

Board of Directors gave a speech

Marking this activity, the organizers of the program also officially launched the “Culture – Movement Department” of NeloDecor with the mission of “hoping to be a bridge to bring people closer together!”.

Board of Directors awarded support fund to “Culture – Movement Department”

Received a lot of love and support from the Board of Directors of the company as well as the entire NeloDecor family as a driving force for the Board to try harder together in the near future.

Besides, the teambuilding program with a series of interesting, meaningful and laughter activities, NeloDecor members had the opportunity to relieve stress and regenerate labor after a long time working.

Teambuilding program with a series of interesting and meaningful activities

With some assigned tools such as balls, tape and crayons, etc., teams divided into departments will overcome challenges to actively complete the task of “building a nest” according to the required topic.

Game  number 1: “Building a nest”

The game is meant for the message:

  • Subjective assessment/classification of personnel (according to the Skill and Will model)
  • Team leader/manager skills.
  • Build team cohesion.
  • Handle conflicts.

Game number 2: “Collective Strength”

The game is meant for the message:

  • Show the spirit of cohesion and cooperation among members between departments.
  • Connecting new and old personnel in the company and department.

Before the end of activities to enter the lunch party, each member of NeloDecor’s extended family will work together to make a (individual) post-collection with the theme “Speak your thoughts about the activity. our teambuilding activity today”. 

Each member of the great NeloDecor family will work on a collection of articles

In just a short time of 15-20 minutes, but BTC received a lot of witty and lovely posts and shares. Right after that, the company’s leadership also selected a number of interesting and impressive articles to award “royalty” to the authors.

The Board of Directors awarded “royalties” to the authors

Some pictures of teambuilding awards and collective images:

The program ended with a lot of emotions, many promises for the return to activities in the near future that will bring more memories and impressions from the Culture – Movement Department of Nelo Decor.

Wishing that all of us Nelo Decor in 2022 will be more connected, more energetic, more enthusiastic, determined and responsible than in 2021.

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